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" I began seeing Gina while pregnant. She quickly relieved my terrible aching feet and safely saw me through the delivery of my healthy baby. Gina is a gifted healer that anyone seeking wellness would be delighted to find. "
“In 2006, I had this dry nagging cough for a month. The usual course of antibiotics didn’t work, so instead of going for a second and stronger dose of medication, I decided to try reflexology. I had heard about reflexology, but had never tried it before. I am glad I did. Within a week and 3 treatments my cough was much better, and after the fourth treatment it was gone.
In 2010, I again had this dry cough, caused by a postnasal drip. This time I did not go to my GP, and went straight for reflexology. After 3 weeks, I went to Gina for reflexology. After a couple of treatments, my cough was gone. Reflexology also helped my overall energy levels, and helped get rid of the “sick feeling”.
I generally don’t visit the GP unless I have too, and I am not a big fan of medication. I am thankful that reflexology has offered me a not invasive alternative. The best is that it is complimentary to any other treatment.”
"Thank you so much for the most caring approach you brought to the treatments I received from you, particularly the last one where you gave me so much comfort."
"I just want to say thank you so much for all the nice chats and absolute life changing therapy you provided me. I truly believe that it was your therapy along with the more natural approach that helped me fall pregnant."
"I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and I have been receiving reflexology treatment from Gina Hurley throughout my pregnancy so far. I found it to be relaxing to both me and my unborn baby. The treatments have also highlighted areas in my body that need special attention such as my neck, back and various organs in the body throughout where there are particular 'blockages in the energy path'. I fully believe that the treatment has been beneficial to both my health and well being and would highly recommend reflexology at any stage in life as a complimentary therapy."
"Hi Gina, thank you for my amazing treatment on Tuesday. My back felt instantly better, my mind is more settled and I was very touched by your wonderfully gentle approach to my well being.
I felt quite tired when I got home and a bit headachy yesterday but very calm.
I hope to see you again.
With Love MS (UK) xx"

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Exe Chiropractic Clinic is a small, friendly, and professional clinic based in the centre of Exeter. Our aim is to treat those with problems affecting the joints, muscles, nerves, and ligaments through the use of non-invasive approach in order to keep them pain free. Our Exeter chiropractors use conventional chiropractic techniques as well as other gentler approaches suitable for the treatment of the older or more nervous patient.
All of our chiropractors are registered with the General Chiropractic Council and are members of the British Chiropractic Association.
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